Daily Shorts – A New Venture

I’m currently preparing something for a friend, and it isn’t a simple task, or one that can be executed quickly, and so I find it pushing my abilities to their limit and challenging my skills. I have never had to undertake something like this before, and I find myself desperately searching up tips and tricks on the internet in the hope that they will help me get started soon.

Though those tips and tricks may not make much sense to me most of the time, one thing I do know is that this is something that has to come from the heart – complete sincerity.

I’m just not sure how deep I should delve into the matter. If I don’t go in too deep, then I am happy for it be seen by others, but if I make it quite personal then it will be for their eyes only.

Maybe I should just keep it for their eyes only.

Better safe than sorry.


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