Our Journey’s End – A Short Story

The stranger in the mirror laughed at her cowardice and weakness as the tears fell from her face. ‘This is the end,’ she told herself. No matter how much she hoped and prayed that things would change, that she could make things change for the better, she was just another number. She was always going to be just another on the extensive list, but her hope and naivety led her astray. Blindly, she wore her heart on her sleeves despite having told herself she wouldn’t, and placed her faith in the one who made her feel so safe. For so long she felt unable to escape from it all despite knowing it was detrimental. No. Not unable. She didn’t want to. Those cherished and sought after moments were merely a flicker; momentary happiness which was easily manipulated by the one person who understood and knew her so well. With a single look, a single touch or even the right words, any reason for her frustration or upset would fly right out the window and was never looked back on again. If they were the reason, they didn’t want to hear it.

She wasn’t surprised she had lasted this long, and wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t end this time either. What should have been a compromise, only revealed itself to be a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. It was the worst form of torture – being led down this hellish road by the manipulation of her emotions. It was like a spell that had put her in a limbo which had taken complete control of her life and of her decisions.

The magician knew how to play his cards, and would always show her the card she wanted to see. His captivating yet mysterious smile held a secret she could never unveil, for she’d been placed in a trance to see past any flaws in his disguise. The trance that was being fuelled by her own admiration of him and respect she had for him and for their friendship was finally starting to wear off. Maybe this time it will be gone for good.

Having gone through thick and thin, their relationship – the bond she thought they had – was something one couldn’t put into words. Now, doubt clouded her mind. Did he ever see her the way she saw him? Did their friendship mean the same to him? Who did he see when he touched her and held her? Was it her, or the person who he truly desires; the person she had been filling in for without knowing?

She fell so hard for the façade, thought of it as complete sincerity for she didn’t know why he would lie to her anyway. Not with their friendship.

But now she had the key to the door she felt she was locked behind. The key turned slowly, unlocking all the potential she had been hidden from. She was now free, and she felt as though she could soar through the sky into a new world.

‘Farewell the monster that held me captive in my own life, for now I am free of your chains, no longer your slave,’ she bid goodbye and felt no temptation to return to this hellish heaven.


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