Daily Shorts – Mental Straitjacket

I don’t think there are many, if any, of us who have experienced being placed in a straitjacket. The attire’s one and only function is to restrict the movement of its user, and ‘restrain a person who may otherwise cause harm to him/herself or others’, though they do allow for a very small amount of movement.

Today, I decided to place a figurative straitjacket on my mind, or, more specifically, my thoughts. A bad habit had been lingering, and it was only recently that I realised it was something that was harmful. It was pointed out to me today by a friend, who told me that although it will take a lot of strength and willpower, it will be for the better. That’s when I made the straitjacket analogy. It would be my way of restraining my thoughts, so as not to cause harm to myself or to those the thoughts concern.

However, physical restraint straitjackets have been shown to be detrimental to the wearer’s body after long periods of time. They can cause discomfort and pain due to being restrained in movement. Will my mental straitjacket take its toll on me after some time too?


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