Daily Shorts – The End Of The Road

Desperately trying to find a reason to live; a reason to be with and interact with other people.

I’m more than a ticking timebomb – I’m far worse than I’d ever imagined myself to be and I no longer want to be on the face of the Earth.

I live my life trying to enjoy every moment, and help other people. Instead I’ve been making it so much worse and giving them a reason to hate me or leave me. because I am a bad person.

My housemate has removed things in my room that I can use to maime myself (or worse), but doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways.


One thought on “Daily Shorts – The End Of The Road

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Hey, life is beautiful. There are many reasons for you to live. Besides, God loves you and I would want to believe that your family loves you too.

    In the meantime, go watch some comedy on television; it would raise your spirits!

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