Daily Shorts – The Night

I have been struggling to find something to write about so I asked a friend to help me pick a topic. They told me to write about how the night makes me feel. But that’s not easy to do. The way the night makes me feel depends on how I’ve been handling the day.

If I’ve had a good day then the night might bring serenity. If I’ve had a bad day then all I see is fear and darkness. The serenity carries me into a sweet dream world, where I can really relish and appreciate the good things in my life. But the darkness swallows me up; I am afraid of my own shadow and afraid to close my eyes and enter the dream world, for I wake up with cold sweats from torturous nightmares, yearning for dawn to break.

Despite this, I’m trying to learn to see the night in a different way, and not just ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Without the darkness, we won’t be able to find the light, the goodness, to guide us. Stars need the darkness to shine, though once they were darker than the night itself. So no matter how dark it maybe, no matter how dark your life may seem, no matter how much you fear it, you will always find light to illuminate your soul and guide you out.

And the night, she isn’t all bad, for she keeps and guards secrets we wouldn’t expose to the day.


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