Daily Shorts – This Is Ridiculous

This is something that I have found quite irritating for most of my life, all my close friends know this about me, yet they still continue to do it and expect me to me fine with it all.

I hate it when people bail or arrive late to something with no prior notice and for a ridiculous reason. It is probably one of the most rude and disrespectful things you can do, because it is very belittling and you are just walking all over them.

The least you could do is give them a heads up, especially if they have gone out of their way to prepare something or have really been expecting your attendance.

It is not okay to think that it’ll fine to not tell them and not turn up because you no longer can be bothered, or whatever the pathetic reason. I understand if something really serious has happened and you haven’t had time to tell me, but I’ve found that in those situations, people actually do let me know.

But if you lie about it, or do it because of some hurtful reason, I will no longer consider you a good friend. I wouldn’t do that to you because I respect you, but if you do it to me, then it really makes me question how much you value our friendship.

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