Daily Shorts – Unsafe

A few days ago, my parents went through an ordeal we all naively thought would never happen to us. Our house was burgled in the early evening, with items worth thousands being taken. My mum has been distraught, and is feeling better, but has been showing symptoms of minor PTSD which is not great. Dad has been stressed since, due to all the follow up procedures and the thought of the loss.

I wasn’t made aware until 3 days later, and honestly did not want to go home anymore. I know how hard my parents had worked all these years, the difficult positions they have been and are currently in, and I couldn’t face this.

But I am home now, I want to do my best to help my parents and lessen the blow, but home no longer feels like home.

My paranoia has gone through the roof – being left home alone is not easy, I have anxiety attacks on the regular, hear sounds and worry someone is going to return to collect the rest of the items and hurt me in the process. Sleeping at night has also been difficult, despite knowing my parents are just on the other side of a wall.

What do I do when I don’t feel safe in my own home? There’s only so much I can tell my mum, and I can’t tell her that feeling unsafe at home is making my anxiety worsen.


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