Daily Shorts – Words Of Dance Wisdom

I was talking to a friend about choreography last night, and the struggles I face whenever I try to create a new routine. In response to this, he gave me some great advice, which I knew I had to share on here:

“….we’ve all felt that way at some point. It’s good to be humble and know where you’re at and where you want to be but never sleep on yourself. Lool not to seem like I know my stuff or anything as I’m in the process of improving myself. Something which I’ve tried doing with my last few pieces is having a different approach. Before I’d listen and try to add any moves which fit to the music (mostly lyrics). But now the way I approach it is rather than trying to fit myself into the music…I let the music fit into me if that makes sense. So I kinda step back and think about how I’d like to see myself to move to different parts. Then try come up with something which best goes with those parts lol so basically yhh the best way to expand your bank is by trying out different approaches. Like do something where you’re like oooh that move felt a little uncomfortable but if I do this, I can make it work. Then shazam you’re doing some next level stuff. If it’s not challenging you then re- do it and never be afraid to go beyond the music. Surprise yourself! There’s no limit to what you can do, it’s all about unlocking those doors and levelling up each time…it’s what’s helped me improve. Might help, might slightly be different for you but yhh like you’re good but now it’s about being great


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