Life Blog – New Year, New List

For the past few years, I’ve had the same bucket list, which was one I wrote up at some point in my mid-teens. It’s full of both really quite childish goals, and typical ones. But now that I’m 21, and will be leaving education this year and moving on with my life as a adult, I thought instead of writing about my New Year’s resolutions (it’s a short list anyway), I’d write up a new bucket list of things I want to do from now on. I hope, as the years go on, I will not only add to this list, but be able to cross of things too. From now on, I’ll make it my goal to post the updated list every New Year’s Day. Sometime in the near future, I’ll write a short post about the things I managed to do from my old bucket list. But for now, here is my new bucket list.

  1. Graduate from university
  2. Get married
  3. Set foot on every continent
  4. Live abroad for a short period of time
  5. Visit South Korea
  6. Visit New York City
  7. Attend a class at Quick Style Studio in Oslo
  8. Have children
  9. Learn sign language
  10. Stand under the tower pillars of the Parthenon
  11. Get a tattoo to mark my fight against mental health
  12. Start a separate travel blog
  13. Buy a house
  14. Conquer a volcano
  15. Visit an active volcano
  16. Go snorkeling
  17. Volunteer abroad
  18. Teach in a different country
  19. Help someone complete a bucket list goal
  20. Watch a meteor shower
  21. See a comet
  22. Attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix
  23. Advocate for a NGO
  24. Study a second degree
  25. Travel to a new place alone
  26. Go for a Tarot card reading
  27. See a solar eclipse
  28. Help save a life
  29. Complete a 365 project – Photo A Day
  30. Help protect an endangered species



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