Daily Shorts – Revamped

As it is the start of a new year, and I have started afresh in quite a few areas of my life, I thought I’d spend a day procrastinating redesigning my blog page. I feel the new look is a lot cleaner and neater, and this includes the logo as well, which I designed using this amazing tool.

I aim to write about more things this year, more topics, and try different approaches as well. Due to this, I have started to categorise my blogs. So far we have Life (which has 3 subcategories), Discussions, Travel and My Creations, but I will add more in the future if feel I need to.

I hope you do like the new page, and please leave any feedback you may have about the design and layout.

Regarding upcoming posts, I have now got a dedicated list on Wunderlist for my blog, and have a number of ideas on there, so I will get round to starting those soon. I am headed back to university tomorrow, as christmas break comes to a close, but that also means that exams are less than two weeks away. Apologies in advance if my blogging frequency drops between now and the end of January, but I will try my best to stay on top of it.

As always thank you for keeping up with my blog, and happy new year!


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