Daily Shorts – Under Pressure

My first exam for this year is only 8 days away, and let’s just say it’s given me quite a bit of motivation to start doing some revision. Having been caught up with so much emotional stress in the latter half of the semester, and at the very start of this calendar year, I spent too much time worrying and crying over issues that shouldn’t have mattered. This was time I could have spent in lectures, or going over notes or doing problem questions. Instead, I was investing this time on people or issues that were just making my struggles worse.

I’ve now learnt it’s better to leave certain things behind if it is interfering with your happiness and your progress. However, I wish I’d seen that sooner.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about other people’s happiness, and what I should do to keep others happy, when I should have been focusing on my own. Especially when everyone lives in their own world of stubbornness, self-protection and reasons as to why they are right. Even I do. But I realised I am allowed to stand my ground regarding my emotions and am allowed to invest a lot more time protecting myself and my values.

Being under pressure is helping me revise quite well, so let’s just hope I can make up for lost time and do the best I can in these upcoming exams.



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