Treat Her Right

Her love is as pure as if she were a child;
A Princess to whom you’re a knight in shining armour.
She’s your girlfriend, not another disposable girl
in your long line of toys, so you’d better

treat her right

Her heart guides her eyes to only look for you,
Her hands only yearn to hold yours.
But your eyes wander, hunting for another
Someone to exploit and, later, ignore

Don’t let your hands embrace her under the morning sun,
but let the moon witness them caress another’s body.
That tainted heart of yours doesn’t deserve her love,
She isn’t yours until you learn to

treat her right

Your lies coat your lips, like a poisonous drug;
Pulling her back so your thirst can be fed.
But you’re killing her slowing, every kiss a small sacrifice.
You get your selfish wishes, but her heart will be left for dead.

She thinks she can change you,
But if you’ll never hang up that team jersey,
Don’t be mad if she learns to play you at your own game;
The tables will turn, if you don’t

treat her right

Exploring her body – her temple,
But you’re texting that other girl ‘I miss you’,
She doesn’t need Destiny’s Child to figure out
you’re telling everything to her times two.

The world isn’t a bordello, you’re no Saint.
So stop switching girls like you switch lanes, boy,
Grow up, and be the main man in her life
Or she will let someone else

treat her right

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