Daily Shorts – My Body’s Telling Me No, But My Mind Is Telling Me Yes

I am writing this whilst sat in one of the quiet study areas in my university’s library, with only 3 others in the same room as me. It is 02:30am, and as exams draw closer, the number of students spending their nights in the library has increased. On Monday, at this time of day, I was the only person in this room, until about 6am. Tuesday, there were 2 others.

My first exam is two days away – a morning 2 hour paper – and being a nocturnal studier, my sleep pattern has been anything but consistent. I fear I will sleep through my alarm the morning of the exam, as I find myself asleep until around midday. To worsen the matter, I have more content I need to cover, and another exam on Wednesday which I haven’t even started revising for.

Panic is slowly starting to set in, fear is starting to take over my body, but there was a time when there was someone I could call at this instance. However, I’ve started to learn to control my panic attacks by myself as that person is no longer around.

I’m going to do my best to push through until dawn, in about 4 hours time. In those four hours, I hope to finish the last problem sheet (which I had just started) and complete at least one of the two available past papers. (There are no solutions available for these, so marking them is going to be so much fun.)

The earlier I finish, the earlier I get to head home and sleep. That’s what I keep telling myself.

But one thing’s for sure, exams suck. I have two final ones in June, but even then I can’t call them the end.


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