Daily Shorts – A Legend Of Deduction

Last night, the finale of Season 4 of the TV series, Sherlock, aired in the UK, and what a finale it was.

I was first introduced to the series back in high school, during the hiatus between seasons 2 and 3, and I remember being hooked from the very first episode. I had never considered watching it – though I had heard about it – because I thought it wasn’t going to be something I would enjoy. How wrong I was. I found myself sat on the edge of my seat, during every minute of every hour and a half long episode.

I have stayed committed a few series over the years, but Sherlock is in a league of its own (and I’m sure every other fan would agree). Each season only has three 90 minute episodes. The hiatus between each season is an unbearable amount of time, and I had only joined the fanbase during the middle of the season 2 and 3 hiatus. The longest break was between seasons 3 and the recently aired season 4 – 3. Long. Years.

Somehow, the fans still pull through. With each season, our cravings are only satisfied by 3 episodes but we still wait patiently for the next. It find that quite incredible.

All in all, I think it all comes down to the brilliant screenplay, the incomparible acting by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott and many, many more. It takes great writers, producers and directors to create a brilliant series, but it takes great actors to win the fans over. Especially in the case of the character for Sherlock Holmes, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than Benedict Cumberbatch. His portrayal was so convincing and mesmerising, to the point where you would believe he actually was Sherlock Holmes. I think it is one of the best TV productions to come out of the UK.

If you haven’t watched the series, I would definitely recommend it. It’s captivating, thrilling, comedic, mysterious and so much more. Each episode is like its own movie, and now that 4 seasons are out, you will have plenty of episodes to enjoy.

If you do watch the series but have yet to watch the finale for this season, it is most certainly one of, if not the best episodes so far. Your mind will have turned to jelly by the end of it but I promise you, it is worth it.


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