Life Blog – Some More Wisdom

I think my friend thought I was joking when I told him I regularly quote his brilliant life advice on my blog, so much so that he could have his own thread.

But yet again, I wanted to share some more words of wisdom he gave me just yesterday, which I think is something to read, note down and periodically remind yourself of if you are struggling to move on from a difficult situation. This could be a bad break up, a passing of someone close to you, job or financial difficulties – any memory or incident you feel is holding you back or keeps pulling you back.

(N.B: I had to omit a few things he had said at the start so as not to reveal any aspects of his life/experiences)

” … there will be one day, I don’t know when that’ll be, where those triggers will lose their effect. It may seem like it will take a long time (it might) but that’s what has to keep you strong. Knowing one day you’ll look back and see that this was only just a moment in your life. Nothing but a spec of sadness in what I hope will be a happy life. There will be moments where you will feel broken again but that’s okay…it’s part of the process. You’ve been wounded, it’s gonna sting, the scabbing is gonna be ugly and annoying but the scar will be a testament of what you’ve went through, and how you endured.”

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