Daily Shorts – Half Way Out Of Misery

Yesterday was not a great day. For some reason, bad luck just seemed to latch on to me. It started with my exam, where I sat right at the front (it’s quite a noisy spot to be sat in), and the paper wasn’t as nice as I had hoped. The misery continued – actually it worsened – when I got back an essay I had submitted about a month ago. The mark was much lower than what I had hoped to get, and the reason? I hadn’t answered the question, apparently.

I had. But for some reason, my lecturer thinks that the question she had set isn’t actually the question she had set.

So that was strike 2.

Strike 3? Overcharged at the restaurant where I had lunch, and didn’t realise until it was too late.

My mood was not great. I didn’t want to talk; didn’t want to move; didn’t want to revise for the exam I had today.

Today didn’t go off to a great start either. I woke up later than intended (and somehow slept through all my alarms), and didn’t give myself enough time to quickly run through my notes/get some more practice. As a result, I had to miss street classes to make up for lost time, which is one of the few things that actually lift my mood these days.

That being said, the exam wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Yes, it could have gone so much better had I been better prepared, but I am hoping for about 60.

Only 9 days until my next exam – 9 days until my next essay is also due. Which means I can’t afford to take much of a break, and need to crack on with the work.

So close.

2 thoughts on “Daily Shorts – Half Way Out Of Misery

    • truemushroom says:

      thank you for your kind words!! Had yet another day of bad luck yesterday, but could just be the stress affecting everything else in my life. Cannot wait for these exams to be over.
      And going to give your post a read now πŸ™‚


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