Daily Shorts – A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I was honestly hoping for my days to be slightly better after that day of bad luck last week, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen.

Today was yet another day of endless mental destruction. It started with me dropping my phone on the road and breaking its power button. This wasn’t actually that bad – I managed to find a different way to lock my screen and looked into ways of turning on my phone if it did turn off at any point. Then I managed to spill boiling water on my hand, and I’m so relieved it didn’t turn into a boil. I came home soon after to try to see if my friend and I could fix my power button issue.

We didn’t. It worsened.

We clearly weren’t very well equipped to take on such a task, and I managed to damaged the screen whilst attempting to disassemble the phone. Now the screen is very damaged – useable but can’t see anything – but it keeps getting worse as it is bleeding.

The worst part? I had a perfect plan B for my phone situation that I could have just stuck with. But I didn’t. Disassembling the phone was my stupid plan A. Had I gone with plan B, I could have sold my phone for a decent amount of money, and bought a temporary secondhand device to use until my phone contract comes to an end in 5 months time.

Now I won’t get much for my phone, and have to put more money in to buy a new one.

And due to all of the incidents that happened, I couldn’t get as much work done as I had hoped.

All I can ask is, why?


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