Daily Shorts – Numbers

I was brought up in a culture where numerology plays a significant role in people’s lives and decision-making process. Although my family don’t follow it as religiously, I have seen the influence it has on others. I have had friends whose names have been changed as the numerology wasn’t good; marriages being postponed due to the date being bad or even stopped if the couples’ numerology don’t pair up well.

My parents don’t believe in numerology to that extent, though they believe that people’s birth dates define their personalities, and certain numbers have a negative or positive effect on an individual. This is similar to your life path number.

It’s easy to calculate, as explained here. You just add up the numbers in your birthdate until you are left with a single digit number. So, my birthday is 12th June 1995 so I would do 1+2+6+1+9+9+5= 33, and then 3+3 = 6, which is my life path number.

I recently found the above blog explaining the traits of the different life path numbers and was mildly surprised at the description for mine:

“If you have a life path 6, you’re a mother/father figure by nature. You are a beacon of truth, righteousness, kindness, personal growth and domesticity. You have strong parental instincts, and this bleeds out through your entire life. You’re happiest when you’re working to help others, and cultivating a comfortable, friendly space. You are big on health, happiness and wellness, and like things to be routine, but fun. You’re idealistic, and tend to be a great advice-giver. You are an incredible partner, and when paired with someone who shares and appreciates your natural skills, you can truly thrive. You have an almost supernatural wisdom about you, and will have near psychical levels of insight even at an early age. You are the epitome of an “old soul,” and will be happiest when you have children of your own.”

I could relate to basically all of it. The ‘mother figure by nature’ is something I’ve heard more times than I’d like to admit, which is probably where my parental instincts come from. I am happiest when working to help others, and I have mentioned that quite often on this blog. I am very organised, with a lot of things I do. As a result, I do love routines and plans. A prime example would be my skin care routine (of which I have two – day and night): cleanse, exfoliate/pore strip (once or twice a week), tone, serum/essence, moisturise, eye cream, spot treatments, facial oil over bad pigmentation, lip moisturiser.

Idealistic and advice giver (not sure about great but you’d have to ask my friends about that) – again, I feel like I have exposed or talked about these sides of me on this blog countless times.

On top of this, my mum had always told me that the number 6 suits me well and brings me good fortune.

It’s weird, because I do tend to follow horoscopes, but only to see if they did predict accurately or not (so, basically still a bit sceptical about them). However, this is different. Just to make sure, I checked up about some of my friends and even theirs were accurate. Some even had the same life path number, and reading over the description made me realise the similarities in their personality that I hadn’t really noticed before.

What’s your life path number, and how do you feel about it traits it possesses?


2 thoughts on “Daily Shorts – Numbers

  1. Neal says:

    Quite an interesting post and I did go through the reference article you mentioned and it was baffling to see how accurate it was. For someone who is never into these things, it’s quite fascinating to see the accuracy of the predictions.
    P.S. My life path number is 7

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