Daily Shorts – Nearly There

This time tomorrow, I would completed my last exam for this semester. Prospects are not looking great, and I am religiously going through past papers over and over again in the hope that some sort of information sticks. If I’m lucky, this time tomorrow I would have also submitted my last essay (but if not, then that will happen on Monday, along with a 10% late penalty. Let’s be real – 80% exam >>> 35% 2500 word essay.)

Even after the last few stressful weeks, I still won’t get much of a break before I have to hop on the study train as my next semester commences on Monday. However, timetable wise, and workload wise, it is more forging than the semester just gone.

I guess I’m writing this to procrastinate doing another paper. But I’ve caught myself out now, so I should get back to it. If any of you have a thought to spare, then please do pray for me; I’m not sure if I will make it through this exam in one piece.


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