Daily Shorts – My Priorities Are In A Jumble

It’s 5am, I have an essay due today (well, it was due Friday but I was preparing for my exam and had no time to catch up on the essay, so I thought I’d just give into the 10% late submission penalty and had it in today). I also have a meeting with Southampton City Council about an academic project in about 4 hours, plus I need to bake a cake at some point today and go to the gym.

But what I am doing up at 5am, when I have such a hectic day ahead? Maybe I’m finishing my essay?

..Not really.

I have been procrastinating getting very distracted by my graduation holiday to Greece and have spent the last 4 hours or so on Pinterest and various other sites finding out things to do whilst I’m there. I did also learn a little bit of Greek whilst waiting for some pages to load (see, that is productive). I mean, it has all got to be planned at some point right? Most people do it bit by bit – split it over a few days or weeks in the lead up to the trip. I do eventually end up doing the same, but only when I get stopped by someone else. As soon as I get started on planning something, it becomes so difficult for me to stop myself after a certain point or amount of time has elapsed. Someone else usually has to snap me out of this weird hypnotised state and remind me of the things that really do need my attention.

But the problem now is that all my housemates are asleep, and I have no one to stop me. Even as I type this, completely aware of the situation at hand, I’m still not going to (a) finish start my essay or (b) get some sleep before my meeting.

I love planning and organising too much (and I get worried I will forget ideas I have if I don’t look into and finalize them immediately). If anyone is in need of a PA or secretary, I will be more than happy to take the position. I will accept food as payment.

On a not-so-side sidenote, I think I will put up a post about the whole planning process I went/am going through for this holiday, including my tips for finding places to stay, and places I plan on visiting and so on. So, do keep an eye out for that.

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