Daily Shorts – Is It Possible To Buy More Time?

When did my schedule get so busy? To the point where I can’t even spare enough hours to sleep, let alone a few minutes to blog.

Yesterday I had dance from 2pm until 10pm with only an hour or so for a break in between. The day before, I had dance, gym and then the rest of the day went by with my friend’s birthday celebrations. Even today, a day when I have no lectures whatsoever, I still started at 10am and won’t be home until 6pm.

I just need some time to breathe a little. Just a little.

On another note, my friend’s birthday celebrations the other day were so much fun. It was nice catching up with a couple of friends/flatmates from our first year at university, and a fun couple of sessions of bowling and board games.


The birthday cake I baked for my friend

I also baked for the first time in a long time and was really proud of the outcome. However, for the next 6 weeks or so, every weekend has been filled up with rehearsals, competitions and/or shows so I doubt I’ll be able to find time to bake again any time soon.

Things are just going to get busier.

(If anyone wants the recipe for the cake, I use this to make the cake and frosting and improvised with the decorations.)

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