Photo Challenge – Solitude

I think I am one of those people who at times find solitude lonely and a tad fearful, but other times comforting and calming. It comes down to the context. For example, when I am having problems with friends or family, I find solitude to be a contributing factor to my sorrow and negative mood. However, when I have had a busy day, or if I am out exploring the world around me, I find solitude to be the best accessory to equip, as it places me in the right mindset to isolate myself and focus on what needs to be done. That may be to really take in and appreciate the place I am in or to calm down and de-stress in my room.


I feel like this photo encompasses solitude quite well. To me, the vibe it emits is quite lonely, as if stranded on a lonely island. I remember the moment when it was taken, I felt alone – despite not being alone. However, by standing on the edge of this natural pier, I felt one with the world. I could absorb the energy being radiated out of the scenery and really appreciate its beauty and the serenity.

Man O’ War Beach, Dorset

via Photo Challenge: Solitude


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