Daily Shorts – A Repeat

Dance competition season commenced yesterday with KCL’s Just Dance It 2017, where I participated with my university’s Bhangra dance squad in the wildcard category. This was my first time competing in a large-scale competition with Bhangra – I genuinely can’t describe how nervous I felt before going on that stage, and whilst the were announcing the results.

We didn’t place in the category, and just missed out on 3rd place, but – regardless – that was the best performance I have ever done at a competition and the one I have most enjoyed. The crowd’s response was exhilarating; the judges loved piece and our team work, and compliments just kept flooding in from friends and strangers alike.

I look back on the video now and I just feel so proud of how far the team has come in a week, maximum 2.

However, with all good things comes something bad – last year when I was doing Bhangra, I sustained a slight leg injury (maybe an inflamed muscle) which took well over a month to recover. Unfortunately, I can feel the same injury reoccuring, but this time in both legs. Considering my next competition is this Saturday, and it is also my first competition with the advanced street dance squad, I really need to make sure I rest this as much as I can.

For the next month, I just have competitions and showcases, back-to-back – one of which I’m participating in 7 full dances excluding the opening and finale. With an injury (or two) getting through the 3 scheduled performances will not only be a struggle, but may mean I would need to take some time off dance.

And I don’t want to.

Here is yesterday’s performance for anyone who wants to see what we got up to:



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