Daily Shorts – Expectation

I’m writing today’s daily short based on the daily prompt for today – expectation. It’s something I have had to learnt to adapt and mature about recently due to various reasons, but mainly expecting things from other people. Whether my expectations were valid or not, I have had to learn to not expect anything at all anymore. It’s still a work in progress and only in its early stages but I have come to realise it is something that I need to adapt to if I’m to strengthen my mentality, fight my depression and become a happier person.

I think it’s natural to expect certain things from certain people, and the closer you are to them, at times you would expect more. After being hurt numerous times, mainly due to my own naivety or dependence on someone, I’ve learnt not to rely on others too much. However, one thing I do expect from everyone around me, regardless of the status of our friendship, is basic manners and politeness.

In recent events, I’ve found that some people seem to lack this and I have decided that I just cannot be bothered to go out of my way to treat them well when they treat me badly, or to give them a lesson about how their manners should be.

So I’ve decided to just not expect anything at all, and to go about my life the way I want to.

via Daily Prompt: Expectation


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