Daily Shorts – Progress Check

In the middle of eating my food during a 3am trip to McDonald’s after a late night at the library (with a friend who is also a blogger, please do check out his work – he covers a range of topics – including current affairs – that arouse your cognitive thinking), a huge realisation hit me – I hadn’t actually taken a step back to properly analyse and appreciate the positive progress my mental health has made in the past couple of months. Until that moment.

Thinking about the things I have achieved in this time bring a huge smile to my face. Even now, as I am sat in the university library, typing up this blog, the thought of my progression has me smiling from ear to ear.

At the start, I had been knocked down a lot, and I was in a place where I was convinced life couldn’t get any better and that there was no reason to live; I was torn. Since then, however, my mindset has completely turned around. I was more selective of people I kept close, for whom I am grateful for as they never gave up in trying to make sure I was constantly standing on my own two feet. I have made huge progress with dancing and opportunities I had dreamed off have been offered to me. It’s not that I don’t still have sources of negativity in my life – I do – but these two sources of happiness counter any negativity in ways I can’t put into words.

They are not distractions as such, but reminders – they remind me of the good things in my life and the things worth fighting and living for. And I have been fighting and taking every opportunity and making sure to live my life to the most.

I am still smiling, and I hope I carry this mindset on through the upcoming days, weeks, months and years.

A bad experience can be a catalyst for positive change

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