Daily Shorts – Helpfulpeeps

Yesterday, I wrote about having come to terms with the positive progress my mental health has made. It is honestly a great feeling and I hope I can continue fighting through.

Another thing I have realised is that I have genuinely just been radiating happiness every minute of every day. I can’t stop smiling – and it is a slightly unfamiliar feeling. Of course, certain things make me smile more than others, such as the looking forward to certain events, being around certain people, or – as I caught myself smiling at just a few days ago – videos from dance classes.

It’s great that this positivity has been keeping me in a good place, but now I want to try and channel that energy into other things I do, which mainly consists of me helping other people.

A few days ago, I joined an online community called Helpfulpeeps that started about a year ago but only just made its debut in Southampton. The idea behind it is by helping someone who is a stranger, who then may also be able to offer some help in return. It promotes selflessness and is a great way to bring together a community and people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of life.

Since joining, I have helped one person with a restaurant recommendation in the local area, and made a gym buddy with someone who happened to also be a dancer at my university that I didn’t know very well.

If you haven’t already, I do recommend that you check it out – it is a great initiative.


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