Daily Shorts – Ridiculous Thoughts

I had a good a day yesterday, at times stressful but still good, until I saw him again. I knew he would be there but I thought I could stand my ground and not fall for the meaningless traits that I find attractive. His voice, his comic side, the way he carries himself, the way he looks at me.. It’s just so confusing.

He isn’t someone I should like – someone I would like – quite the contrary. His manners are poor, he rarely speaks to me (only when he needs something), but why does my heart still beat so fast when he’s around? Why do I smile from ear to ear when he looks over at me?

2 thoughts on “Daily Shorts – Ridiculous Thoughts

  1. Neal says:

    Give your mind and your heart a rest Niruna. Allow yourself to finally breathe. Put this guy in your past, keep your head up high and keep taking steps forward to where you’re meant to be. Your mind and your heart will thank you later. πŸ™‚

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