Daily Shorts – 1 Down, 2 To Go

I had my first ever competition with the university’s advanced street dance squad yesterday and it took place at Bucks New Uni. We went up against 4 other universities, who were all of great standards. I can’t deny that before we went up to perform, I was scared: I feared for our performance because I didn’t feel ready, the set didn’t feel ready. Not to mention I had just met a dancer I know from YouTube who I find very inspiring, and found out that I would be competition against her and her squad in the same category.

However, when we were performing, it was quite the opposite. I felt exhilarated. For the first time in my years of dancing, I confidently and genuinely used facial expressions, I could feel the energy being radiated off my teammates and my energy being expelled towards them. The set felt good, and from what I could sense, it felt clean. When we watched over the video after, it was cleaner than it had ever been – it was as if a lucky charm had been pulled out of nowhere.

But then we didn’t place – the reasons not as critical as I had would have preferred them to be. I expected comments such as ‘This section wasn’t great’, ‘You need more energy’, ‘Your arms were sloppy’ etc. Instead, we didn’t get enough constructive criticism to understand all the areas which needed to be bettered. When the results were announced, it hit us. We chose not to do the routine the way nearly every other squad had, and we had hoped our uniqueness and clear advances in creativity would help us in the scores, but they didn’t.

Although we did do great.

I just hope the next, coming up on the 26th, goes a lot better and that we are better prepared for it.


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