Daily Shorts – Trying Something New

Those who know me well (or have read my past blog on this topic) know that I am a massive bookworm. I was brought up with books and constant trips to the library and bookstore, and it has become a part of my life I love and cannot see myself without.

Currently, I’m reading 4 books (yes, at the same time), and with the hustle and bustle of university life, I’m nowhere near finishing any of these. However, I was recently recommended audiobooks by a new acquaintance, who told me he enjoyed listening to them when commuting. I have never been one for audiobooks; I don’t know what it is about them (maybe the thought of terrible audiobooks from the early 2000’s) but I have always avoided the topic. I’d much rather prefer having my head stuck in between the covers of a book instead. He thoroughly recommended that I give them another go and so I plucked up the courage to try out Audible through the free trial and managed to get a hold of the free promotion of the Definitive Sherlock Holmes Collection.

I have read the first few books (I own a 1000+ page leatherbound copy of the collection) so wasn’t sure whether I wanted to hear it all being recited back to me but I figured this may be a good way to see whether I would enjoy it or not.

And I did enjoy it.

I won’t deny that I do still prefer reading a book than listening to it, but the audiobook meant I was able to complete other tasks whilst still making progress with the novel – something I have found difficult to do when my schedule is extremely busy.


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