Daily Shorts – Channelling It Out

In light of recent events, my mood has been constantly fluctuating. I get on a high, usually through some form of distraction, but soon my mood will fall again. This is usually triggered by conversation, or by a memory resurfacing. Yesterday, it was triggered by seeing the person in question. I didn’t expect to run into them anytime soon, and definitely not in that location – but I did.

My mood turned foul and sought out the one thing I knew would help me channel the energy well and not in any other negative way – dance.

It didn’t help bring my mood back up much, but it did result in me pouring the emotions into another dance choreography – a slow piece to an emotional track.

If anyone hasn’t heard this song already, I would recommend it. It describes so well my emotions over the past couple of weeks, and I feel like many of you may be able to relate too.


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