Daily Shorts – Some TLC

I couldn’t stay in Southampton for much longer. I mean, there are so many people there right now who I love seeing and whose company I adore; they literally make my day. But there are far too many triggers everywhere for me to be able to move forward efficiently. So I left a bit earlier than planned and am back home at my parent’s place in London.

I’m hoping that some time with my mum in particular, home cooked food and seeing old friends will help mend this stupidly broken heart before I head back after the Easter weekend. On top of that, this weekend is bound to be super busy, with a two day workshop hosted by the Kinjaz (an American dance crew), followed by a friend’s birthday dinner one day and a trip to the arcade the next day. I’m hoping keeping that busy and really engrossing myself in the things I enjoy the most will help put me on the right tracks.

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