Daily Shorts – An Eye-Opening Weekend

I took part in a two-day workshop this weekend, which was taught by Anthony Lee, Vinh Nyugen and Pat Cruz from the Kinjaz. Each day consisted of three 90 minute classes, with very short breaks in between each one, and as you can imagine, I am pretty knackered.

I have attended other workshops before, some I’ve written about in this blog, but this was by far the most challenging one I’ve taken part in. I know that my dance skills have improved immensely this year, and I don’t think two weeks of no dance can make my skills drop that much. I think the classes were genuinely at a higher level of difficult than the others; maybe because of their particular style of dance and how every dance they do, there is a high level of difficulty in it, whether it be in terms of technique, moves, or just the performance.

However, it was a rewarding experience. I learnt a lot about being your own dancer through watching the others who attended the class, and I was able to seriously challenge myself for the first time in a while. Yes, there were a lot of moments of frustration but it helped me learn more about the way I learn, and which teaching styles work for me. This means I can focus on the areas I’m lacking in and learn to adapt to new teaching styles.

On top of this, I finally got to see their amazingness in person and it was just so awe-inspiring; their dancing, their words of wisdom, dance advice, and their personalities – made the whole weekend a lot easier.

I also had a friend’s birthday dinner yesterday, and this circle of friends are people I’ve only gotten to know well recently (so being invited met a lot to me anyway). It was a small, intimate gathering and, just like at the workshop, I got to learn a bit more about whose company I genuinely enjoy and the people I want to try to keep close even after I have graduated.

I met up with a new friend again today, for the second time, and this experience, plus everything else that occurred this weekend, have really inspired me to handle things differently to how I have the last few weeks. I want to be more open, let people in and not coldly shut them out, because unless I do, I don’t know if I’m going to be missing out on some amazing friendships. I even dropped the person I had been seeing a message today, after coming across a very funny video they had shared on social media. I feel relieved, and feel like I’m finally starting to feel myself move on from this.

So all in all, a very enlightening and positive weekend, and I’m just hoping that the stress of being at home with my nagging, constantly concerned mother doesn’t bring my mood down over the next week.


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