Daily Shorts – Unspoken Dance Rule?

This thought occurred to me after a conversation with a friend the other day. I had sent him a video taken at the Kinjaz workshop I had attended over the weekend and one of the comments he made was, ‘Why is everyone wearing black though?’

The next day, when I went to film a short video, I had also picked out a completely black outfit.

Is it a dance thing? Wanting to wear black when dancing?

If any of you are also dancers, let me know what your take on it is.

2 thoughts on “Daily Shorts – Unspoken Dance Rule?

  1. summervinn says:

    Hey) I’m not a dancer, but I think it has to do with the fact that black suits everyone.. Maybe.. And not all dancers wear black, salsa, any other latin dance, gymnastics and ballet etc. But most of the time they wear black just cause it suits and most people have a lot of black clothes in their closets))

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