Daily Shorts – Blinded

It’s funny how easy affection can affect the way perceive someone. Any lingering positive feelings (annoyingly) can create a bad misconception of another’s personality and traits.

I have a lot of pet peeves; there are so many things that bother me easily and a handful of those determine whether I see someone as a friend or not. One of these is someone being what people call ‘all talk’. Whether it be committing to a plan and not turning up or cancelling at the last minute, or saying something when they don’t actually mean it – it bothers me a lot. If you do this, chances are we aren’t going to get along well at all because that is all that is going to run through my head when you say something to me – “this person’s words can’t be trusted”.

Another is something I got a serving of last night and, boy, did it annoy me. I had a good image of this person and no matter how hard I tried to tarnish it myself, it never worked. Until they failed to do something, which in this day and age should be customary; many people even fake it or say it without meaning anything. If you’re going to use someone’s best trait – which is also their weakness – to get something, at least try to make it seem a bit more genuine than you did.

But, in a way, I’m glad they didn’t because it showed their true colour a little, and, as a result, answered some questions I had. It ached a little but knowing will make it easier for me to take on my friend’s advice, and for the ice princess to make a return.

That being said, I am slightly disappointed in myself, for not identifying the negative traits about this person before; for pushing them aside as if they weren’t ever going to be relevant. And I’m slightly disappointed in them; I thought they were better than this.


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