Daily Shorts – An Unfamiliar Past

You can walk through a place so familiar to you, years later, and feel so alien. This easter break, as I do during every holiday I get from university, I came to my old study/hangout place. In this not so little suburban town is a little starbucks tucked away at the very top of a mall, which not many people visit; making it the ideal spot for chilling with my friends or to study. I’m currently sat in there writing this blog, observing the world around me.

I used to visit this area often when I was at school; in my latter years, I would frequent it about twice a week, be it alone or with friends. I would study here at the library, as I did today, have coffee dates, come for food and shopping – it was just the place I would always go to relax and get away from the house.

Despite visiting every holiday, it is starting to feel more and more unfamiliar. I still know my way around, still know which shops are where and take note of any new places that pop up, but I feel less like I belong here, but it used to feel so much like home back then.

Walking through the busy pedestrianised shopping street, all I could wonder was whether or not this place remembered me like I remembered it. So many moments of joy, moments of heartbreak – I experienced some life changing situations in this very place, but does it know I have my own story to tell? Or does it see me as another stranger passing through, as do hundreds of people every day?

For now, I will sit in this quaint little coffee shop; I will flick through my book, and sip on my drink as I do every time I am here, as I wait for a friend to catch up over coffee, like we used to.


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