Daily Shorts – Actually Quite Random

Firstly, Happy Easter to anyone celebrating, and Happy ‘Stuff Your Face With Chocolate’ Day for anyone who’s just enjoying the food side of this occasion.

I was at a loss about what to write today; I found myself lying on my bed for over half an hour in deep thought but nothing came to mind. So I proceeded to continue watching a korean drama I had started a few days ago (shamelessly, I’m already on episode 13…) and hope that something eventually comes to mind.

It did.

The korean drama I’m watching is extremely cute; called Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,ย it isย a romantic comedy with a romantic scenario that could only really play out in a drama but has you longing for it to happen to you at some point in your life. The scenes between the lead couple reminded me of one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

I don’t know about love, but I can’t help but see this to be true with other situations. Not in a literal sense, but that when you want something, you put yourself in a position where certain opportunities become available to you or you’re more aware of particular steps you need to take; things start to fall into place, even if so slowly, as if all the universe is helping you achieve it. You become so invested in it that it’s as if it’s the only thing in your world.

Love is tricky. The quote may be applicable in the sense of your whole world starting to be about that person, your decisions and choices revolving around that one person, but whether it works out depends on that person too – a person with their own feelings and opinions, a someone and not an inanimateย something. But I guess it falls in line with the saying ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’.

I don’t know if my interpretation of it made any sense, but I hope someone can make sense of it too.

What would your interpretation of the quote be? Is the universe really conspiring to make you achieve your deepest desires?


6 thoughts on “Daily Shorts – Actually Quite Random

  1. MyInflatedEgo says:

    I think it tells us to try less when it comes to love. Not in the sense of putting less effort in during a relationship, but rather in the sense that love only really happens when it’s not forced. It always sneaks up on you as a product of seemingly incredible luck, so chanced that it makes you grateful for the opportunity, and so unlikely that it feels as if the universe in some consciousness is conspiring around you.

    It tells us both to let the universe decide when we fall in love, and that we may not decide when we want to fall in love.

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  2. drewkiercey says:

    Aww mama, Happy Easter too.
    I don’t get the “chocolate day thing” tho, for us it’s bun and cheese time : )
    So happy somebody mentioned K-Dramas. One of my best friends was obsessed with them in high school and even though I find them pretentious and sappy, they have become my guilty pleasure for holidays.

    My favourite of all time has to be My Lovely Sam Soon simply because it was my ‘first’ but most recently I’ve seen Cheese in the Trap which really impressed me and made me think that K-Dramas are evolving because they main guy is painted as a tortured asshole. That never happens. And you watch the last episode and feel conflicted about him getting the girl. I recommend it to every K-Drama lover.
    Have a great rest of holiday girlie!

    — Bless

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    • truemushroom says:

      Bun and cheese? I’ve never heard of that being eaten for easter before ๐Ÿ™‚
      I totally agree! I spent most of my high school years binging on K-dramas, and now they are also my guilty pleasure during the holidays (and for when I need to procrastinate).
      Yes! I’ve seen Cheese in the Trap; I was watching it when it was airing and I loved the plot! it was so different and captivating. Did you hear they’re making a movie version of it?
      Thank you! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday too

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      • drewkiercey says:

        The bun and cheese is a Jamaican thing. We don’t question it, I don’t know the history LOL
        No I didn’t know it would be a movie, hope they get the same actors esp. Seo Kang-joon {sigh} he is the cutest thing to me, he reminds me of the man guy in Descendants of the Sun. Give thanks for the blog support mama. Do you have any recommendation for me?

        — Bless

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      • truemushroom says:

        oh haha that’s fair!
        no I think the actors are different for the movie adaptation ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but yes, Seo Kang Joon is so adorable, and I do love his acting style. In terms of recommendations, I just finished Legend of the Blue Sea and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The first has got a nice plot and the acting is nice, the latter is really funny – literally had me laughing out loud and not many dramas manage that ๐Ÿ™‚

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