Daily Shorts – Mood UP!

Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from one environment and place yourself in another just to change your day around. It’s not that I was having a particularly bad day, but I took myself to a local cafe for today’s study session; the cafe where which I used to spend my GCSE study period finishing off coursework and revising.

Nothing particularly positive happened. In fact it was quite the opposite; the local drugstore was out of stock of my vitamins, the stationery store was out of stock of sticky tabs, and clothing store had a pair of shoes I wanted in the reduced section but they weren’t actually reduced. However, when I came in here and sat down, my mood lifted so much.

The room around me is filled with a slightly sweet fragrance, mixed with the smell of fresh paint and fresh coffee – slightly comforting scents. The music flowing through the speakers is soft and uplifting, placing this quaint cafe in a movie-like scenario. The people around have been positive – I’ve overheard some lovely conversations, seen strangers come to the aid of others, watched everyone indulge in their coffees and cakes.

And so I sit here with a smile on my face, more motivated to do my work than I was when I started the day.


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