Daily Shorts – I Can Taste The Freedom

With my biggest deadline of this academic year (a huge, triple credits worth group project) coming up in 2 days time, and another smaller group deadline in just over a week, I can genuinely say I can taste the freedom.

Of course, I still have my two exams, for which I need to do a lot of preparation for, but coursework stresses are worse and it’s nice to know that my last ever university deadlines will be out-of-the-way soon. And, to make it taste even sweeter, I may have already finished my section for the group project earlier today. I was asked to complete the edits in my section (following feedback given by our supervisor) and it was less than what I had expected. I allocated about 5 hours to finish the work, but completed it in about a third of the time. On top of this, I may have completed at least 50 – 60% of the work for the other group project deadline.

So now I’m sat here in my usual spot in the library, ,wondering what to do with my time. I mean, I do know what I need to do – revision – but I kind of want to relish in the fact that I am actually (very nearly) done with this project that has spanned the past 6 months.


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