Daily Shorts – Engrossed

{busy busy busy}

Yes, I am aware that I failed to post for the past two days but in my defence, both days have been quite productive. Not that I needed them to be, but I was in a productive mood and thought I’d utilise it the best I could. I managed to catch up on all of my problem questions for one module, and analyse the past exam papers. I even proceeded to write out notes for upcoming lectures so I can stay ahead of the game a little bit.

I also took the lead in initiating the completion of my next deadline, which is another group assignment. No one in the group had said anything regarding meeting up to complete the written assignment and working on the oral presentation, so I thought I should probably make the move rather than wait days for someone else to. Considering this deadline is in 5 days, and I have two days of placement in between, I didn’t want to waste any time.

As a result, I was able to meet up with my team and the written assignment is now 50% complete and the whole group will be meeting up next week to get started on the oral presentation, which shouldn’t take more than one group session to complete.

Aside from work, I have been waking up between 7-8am every day this week, have prepared breakfast and lunch and been able to go into the university library for sometime between 9 and 10am. I have been completing an exercise routine every night and in bed before midnight so that I can get a good night’s sleep before waking up at 7am again.

It’s kind of crazy; I can’t remember the last time I was on top of my life this much; the last time things felt so organised and I didn’t feel stressed out completing my usual day to day tasks. I hope this motivation and new found sense of organisations carries through the next few weeks, up until and well after exam season. This may be my form of closure, but whatever it is, it’s keeping me happy and I have got a much more positive outlook.


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