Daily Shorts – Weight Stresses

My weight gain is starting to become something that is genuinely bothering me. I think my metabolism has finally started catching up to me and now I am struggling to lose the few kilos I have gained over the past few months. It’s starting to get a bit obsessive, this desire to slim down – maybe because I knew I had found a weight and figure I was comfortable with, which took a while to lose. Now, it’s all going backwards.
I have tried to fit in a short workout every evening, and will be attempting to do dance/gym every day. Some days, I wake up and feel like I’m making decent progress, but other days, it feels futile.
The worst is when I see a photo taken of me, and I can see the obvious weight gain in my legs, making me look shorter and stouter. It’s something that makes me feel ridiculously self-conscious when taking pictures; I try to angle myself so my legs don’t look as big.
This is going to be a long struggle, but hopefully I can shed this weight I have gained before the warm weather comes round, and I can confidently flaunt my legs.
(stressing out about this probably isn’t helping much either)

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