Daily Shorts – The Final Countdown

Cheesy, yes, but it kind of is. I have only 18 days left until my final exams begin, and 22 days until I finish them. I have about a month until I am officially done with university and just under 3 months until my graduation.

It just all seems to be about time right now; a ticking clock. How much time do I have to revise? How much time do I have with my friends? How much time do I have to prepare for training?

The past few days have been a write-off with regards to studying and revision. That being said, I was able to spend some time with my closest friends here and it was a much needed break from certain feelings. However, I can’t afford to waste anymore time; I need to get started on understanding the content for my last exam, and can’t let my feelings get in the way of my productivity any longer. With 3 more days of placement left to complete (as I missed it last week),  feels like I will be struggling as the dates get closer.

Time management: something to work on in the next few days.


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