Broken by Break Dance

I picked up break dance just before the easter break, kind of on a whim. I’ve always had this greed to learn more and more things in life, and dance is no exception to that. I didn’t get to practice much over Easter break but got back on it yesterday and truly pushed myself with the moves I was being taught.

Two days ago, I worked on my baby freeze, 6-step, 3 step and pretzel. I started to put them together into a combination of moves; the last combination I attempted was a 6-step followed by a baby freeze.

The first time I attempted it – although it was messy – I managed to complete the combo. Determined to better it and tidy it up, I tried again. This time, however, I didn’t prepare well enough for my freeze but confidently positioned myself for it. Big mistake.

I stumbled a little as I tried to hold the freeze, and fell back onto my right hand – which was supporting the weight of my hips. Agony. Absolute agony. My index and middle fingers bent back on themselves,spraining the knuckle joints.

I have been struggling to do a lot of things, it being my dominant hand; I thought it would be better come today morning, even if just slightly. Instead, it feels worse.

I headed to the minor injuries unit at the local hospital yesterday after work, to find out it was soft tissue damage and may need about 2 weeks to recover completely. I start exams in about 2 weeks. It’s made even worse by the fact that I can’t dance during that time too.

Not the news I wanted to hear.


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