Daily Shorts – Upcoming Work

It’s been a while since my last short story, or creative writing piece, but recently I’ve felt inspired to try writing again.

My first short story was slightly romantic, my next showed more tragedy and angst – both were written based on emotions and feelings I was facing at the time, and the first was also inspired by a video I had seen which I felt I could really relate to. This time round, the genre is also different but so is the writing situation; it hasn’t been inspired by my own real life situations but by a different novel.

I’m not sure how long it is going to be or when I’ll finish it to share on this blog; I want to spend more time on this as it will be a different writing style and I may need to do some extra research to back up my storyline so that it doesn’t sound completely absurd. I may even make it the first part in a set of short stories or a longer story – I’m not quite sure yet.

I also need to work on the sequel to Saudade, which has been requested by a number of people. It’s been about a year since I posted it and I’m sorry, I still haven’t found the right inspiration to carry on the story from Eldwin’s point of view. However, I hope to have it written in the next few months.


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