Daily Shorts – The Apocalypse Approaches

It’s about 4am right now, and after having spent 14 hours today doing no work whatsoever, I decided to revert to my nocturnal studying habits for my upcoming. The pair on the other side of the separator in front of my desk have been talking constantly ever since I arrived, nearly 6 hours ago. ‘Revision is going well,’ I keep thinking to myself. Their lack of productivity and periodical complaints about the amount of revision they need to do reminded of an article I came across earlier today. It was about a time management method, called Pomodoro. Essentially, it operates by separating tasks into short, 25-minute periods, allowing you to cycle through your tasks without draining your energy by spending an excessive amount of time on one.

A psychological side effect of this is that you subconsciously try to do as much as you can in the 25 minutes as you want to make the most out of this extremely short time period. The mind believes that 25 minutes is all the time you have and suddenly boosts the productivity.

Although it may be a bit late of me to incorporate it for my upcoming exams, it’s definitely something I want to try in the future; at which point I will review it’s effectiveness with regards to time management and organisation.

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