Daily Shorts – Time to Pick

It’s Tuesday. My first exam is on Friday – 3 days away. So you would think I’m spending all day and all night revising and cramming. Instead I spent last night playing pandemic, then spontaneously deciding to go into the town centre with a couple of my dance friends and dancing until 4am before heading back to watch things on Netflix. Priorities: sorted.

I know I really do need to focus on my revision right now, but last night was the break I never knew I needed. Just going out there and moving with my two friends; feeling the music and letting it take control of my body; teaching each other moves from our specialist dance styles – it felt so free for the first time in a very long time. It was the first time in a while that dance felt so liberating.

I have also signed up to teach a class at our upcoming dance workshop day, as the organiser was looking for teachers. It’s made me realise even more how important dance is to me. I literally cannot go a day without some form of dance-related occurrence taking place.

I love it, but I also feel like it makes me not want to focus on the things I need to do but necessarily don’t want to do.


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