Life Blog – I Made It!

As of yesterday, I am officially an Engineer with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics! My university hosted the graduation ceremony yesterday, which I attended with my parents and fellow classmates and it was definitely the best day of my life.

I started studying there nearly 4 years ago now, with a different career aspiration, no clue who I was, who my skills and talents were, how I would make friends – all sorts of fears and doubts. The 4 years were such a struggle to – I battled a degree I wasn’t liking as much as I thought I would, issues with people around me, fighting depression and GAD and suicidal intentions for the most of it. However, I made it. I discovered a passion and a talent through it. I made so many friends, so many mistake and experiences just as many successes. I was careful, sceptical, reckless, spontaenous ; heartbreak, broken friendships, drunken nights, one night stands, missed deadlines, plenty of missed lectures – and throughout this, I discovered myself.

Yes, I could have done better, my classification could be higher (I have high expectations for myself), but I have come out of one of the best institutes for Engineering and research in the country with a degree that is seen by many as being difficult to attain. In just over a month, I start my first full-time job as a teacher, in the hope of inspiring and help shape the future of many who will be (hopefully) following in mine and my peers’ footsteps. In about a year, I will be a new qualified teacher. In 2, I will have a PGDE in my hand as a Design & Technology teacher. In 3, I might have another Masters, but this time an MA in Leadership. There are many many more years and many many more aspirations, goals and opportunities laying there for me.

As the Vice-President quite rightly said in our ceremony yesterday, the American’s call their graduation ceremony a ‘commencement’ for a reason; it is the start of another chapter – a bigger chapter – in our lives. So here’s to leaving university, leaving behind some sort of legacy in dance, leaving my mark in the paths I walked on and working towards making a difference to someone else’s life and building on my own future.


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