Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

I'm back in the UK! ...and back from the sunny weather and into the rain. But with my training for my new job starting on Sunday, I don't have much time to spare. So in order to summarise my travels over the past couple of weeks, I put together a vlog during the trip. I … Continue reading Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

Daily Shorts – Unintentional Hiatus

Simply put, exams took place, I partied hard for the last two weeks (desperately trying to make the most of the time I hat left at university) and, as a result, never got around to carrying on with this blog.  Even now, as I'm typing away on my phone, I'm holidaying in the beautiful island … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Unintentional Hiatus

Daily Shorts – Time to Pick

It's Tuesday. My first exam is on Friday - 3 days away. So you would think I'm spending all day and all night revising and cramming. Instead I spent last night playing pandemic, then spontaneously deciding to go into the town centre with a couple of my dance friends and dancing until 4am before heading … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Time to Pick

Daily Shorts – The Apocalypse Approaches

It's about 4am right now, and after having spent 14 hours today doing no work whatsoever, I decided to revert to my nocturnal studying habits for my upcoming. The pair on the other side of the separator in front of my desk have been talking constantly ever since I arrived, nearly 6 hours ago. 'Revision is … Continue reading Daily Shorts – The Apocalypse Approaches

Daily Shorts – Upcoming Work

It's been a while since my last short story, or creative writing piece, but recently I've felt inspired to try writing again. My first short story was slightly romantic, my next showed more tragedy and angst - both were written based on emotions and feelings I was facing at the time, and the first was also inspired … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Upcoming Work

Daily Shorts – Reckless

It's how life feels right now; reckless. I've been making a lot of decisions based on my emotions in the moment, neither thinking back nor ahead. I think the thought of my university life coming to an end in less than a month terrifies me in a way, and makes me want to do everything I … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Reckless

Broken by Break Dance

I picked up break dance just before the easter break, kind of on a whim. I've always had this greed to learn more and more things in life, and dance is no exception to that. I didn't get to practice much over Easter break but got back on it yesterday and truly pushed myself with … Continue reading Broken by Break Dance

Daily Shorts – The Final Countdown

Cheesy, yes, but it kind of is. I have only 18 days left until my final exams begin, and 22 days until I finish them. I have about a month until I am officially done with university and just under 3 months until my graduation. It just all seems to be about time right now; … Continue reading Daily Shorts – The Final Countdown

Daily Shorts – Unmotivated

It's been a week since my last blog, and I'd love to blame it on being busy or something similar, but I have honestly just been so unmotivated. A couple of weeks ago, my productivity was at an all time high; I was exceeding my daily goals and was on a roll. That was until … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Unmotivated

Daily Shorts – A Solution?

I think I have it all sussed out. For the past couple days, I have been lucky not to run into anyone I wanted to avoid. I have been busy with placement, dance and work and my usual trips to the library did not take place. I have had a run in in a different … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A Solution?

Daily Shorts – Weight Stresses

My weight gain is starting to become something that is genuinely bothering me. I think my metabolism has finally started catching up to me and now I am struggling to lose the few kilos I have gained over the past few months. It's starting to get a bit obsessive, this desire to slim down - … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Weight Stresses

Daily Shorts – Thought Updates

I thought I had gotten a good grip of my feelings but I'm worried I may start faltering. I keep running into this person (when I say keep I mean on a daily basis, unintentionally) and seeing them makes me ache. Although I have no intention of rekindling anything with them, and don't feel anything … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Thought Updates

Daily Shorts – Disappointed

If a highly anticipated event has sold out of tickets online, and you announce that you will be selling paper tickets, surely you would bring more than 20 odd tickets... Just a thought. #WasteTheirTime2017

Daily Shorts – Engrossed

{busy busy busy} Yes, I am aware that I failed to post for the past two days but in my defence, both days have been quite productive. Not that I needed them to be, but I was in a productive mood and thought I'd utilise it the best I could. I managed to catch up on all … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Engrossed

Daily Shorts – Pleasant Progress

I had an unexpected run in today, twice. But it was contrary to how I thought it would go, in a positive way. I thought I'd be left shaken, and was not prepared to face this situation but those feelings lasted all of a second and I settled down to being my usual self. I don't know … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Pleasant Progress

Daily Shorts – I Can Taste The Freedom

With my biggest deadline of this academic year (a huge, triple credits worth group project) coming up in 2 days time, and another smaller group deadline in just over a week, I can genuinely say I can taste the freedom. Of course, I still have my two exams, for which I need to do a … Continue reading Daily Shorts – I Can Taste The Freedom

Daily Shorts – Mood UP!

Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from one environment and place yourself in another just to change your day around. It's not that I was having a particularly bad day, but I took myself to a local cafe for today's study session; the cafe where which I used to spend my GCSE study period finishing … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Mood UP!

Daily Shorts – Actually Quite Random

Firstly, Happy Easter to anyone celebrating, and Happy 'Stuff Your Face With Chocolate' Day for anyone who's just enjoying the food side of this occasion. I was at a loss about what to write today; I found myself lying on my bed for over half an hour in deep thought but nothing came to mind. … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Actually Quite Random

Daily Shorts – An Unfamiliar Past

You can walk through a place so familiar to you, years later, and feel so alien. This easter break, as I do during every holiday I get from university, I came to my old study/hangout place. In this not so little suburban town is a little starbucks tucked away at the very top of a mall, … Continue reading Daily Shorts – An Unfamiliar Past

Daily Shorts – Blinded

It's funny how easy affection can affect the way perceive someone. Any lingering positive feelings (annoyingly) can create a bad misconception of another's personality and traits. I have a lot of pet peeves; there are so many things that bother me easily and a handful of those determine whether I see someone as a friend … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Blinded