Dear friends, 'friends'? I don't know.. To the few people who tried to be there for me, I'm sorry I couldn't be better. I'm sorry that all I could do was be a growing inconvenience that you all had the right to lose hope on. I'm sorry I never gave you enough credit for all … Continue reading Dear..


Daily Shorts – Reflection

A few days ago, I had a telephone assessment for my depression to see whether I would be accepted for therapy or some form of psychological treatment. The assessment consisted of about 30 minutes of grueling questions, which were extremely detailed and made me say out loud things I hadn't discussed with anyone before. One … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Reflection

I’m not a bad person

Some of these words came out yesterday when I was writing my daily short - I don't know where I was going with it at the time; I just kept typing the words that came into my head that I felt I needed to say. I stopped and read over them for a minute and … Continue reading I’m not a bad person

Daily Shorts – Breaking further

With every day that goes past, it seems that the list of things that break me or stuff people do or say that break me is getting longer and longer. I feel like I'm not really getting better - the days are getting longer, more stressful and more difficult. I see people, I can put … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Breaking further

Daily Shorts – Holiday?

I've been looking forward to holidaying this summer since the trip to Greece ended last year. I'd been thinking about from when we got back to the UK and start planning a trip (based on other people's words) from around the end of 2017. With all the recent issues, I've been dreaming more and more … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Holiday?

Daily Shorts – A deeper pit

When I think of my depression, there is one particular quote that comes to mind: 'He never imagined he would meet such an atrocious depression' This quote is from a book, by a young artist whom I adored and whose voice would help me escape reality, who took his life on 18th December 2017 because … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A deeper pit

Daily Shorts – Solace

I've been having a series of thoughts recently, ever since I had repetitive episodes from just over a week ago. My mood has been fluctuating, with specks of positive moments but plenty of misery and stress. My head has been feeling like more and more of a chaotic mess, making less and less sense of … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Solace

Dear Best Friend

I cried myself to sleep last night; I wonder if you'd care; Would you hold me like you used to, Until I'd calm down and could breathe, And was on my own two feet again I nearly killed myself that other day; Would you have known I wasn't there? Would you have stopped me, Have … Continue reading Dear Best Friend

Daily Shorts – A Massive Achievement

Last weekend was something incredible. I have had many opportunities to choreograph and many more opportunities to perform or compete on stage through my time at both my undergrad university and now at UCL but last weekend was on a whole other level. Every year, UCL's Hindu Society put together a showcase called Rangeela - … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A Massive Achievement

Daily Shorts – Repeat

Have you ever wondered if you were destined for, not good but, for the worst. If someone - or something - had it written in the story of your life than every corner you turn will bring your misery; that every milestone in your life will be matched with bad luck and failure. I am … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Repeat

Daily Shorts – A New Lesson

I learnt something new the other day (although it does concern me that I didn't realise this a lot earlier in my life) - exhaustion can come in many forms. You could be eating well and healthy; 3 meals a day; balanced diet; meeting or exceeding recommended water intake; exercising regularly; etc. but still be … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A New Lesson

Daily Shorts – Falling Into Place

I recently moved into my own studio flat near my workplace and having only properly moved in a day before work resumed, I didn't get much time to put things into place. I finally got some time this weekend, and with some help, it's all starting to come together. One issue that's still outstanding is … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Falling Into Place

Daily Shorts – Massive Commitment!

Towards the end of 2017, I signed up to be a choreographer as part of a massive university of London showcase. As part of the teacher training program I am enrolled on at the moment, I am also a student at UCL. The said university host a cultural showcase every year where students showcase their abilities … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Massive Commitment!

Daily Shorts – Hic!

Hiccups are the worst. I had a bad case of hiccups last night and this was the first time I’ve had them in ages. I’ve had some near misses, such as when hurriedly swallowing food without chewing enough, but I haven’t had a full on chain attack in a while. That got me thinking; sneezes … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Hic!

Life Blog – Reflecting on 2017

Put simply, it was quite a hectic year. There was so much that happened; a crazy cocktail of good and bad, which has moulded me into the person who is writing this post. The year started off pretty rough - I feel out with someone who meant so much to me; someone who I loved … Continue reading Life Blog – Reflecting on 2017

Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London

I have always been a lover of working away from home - in cafes, libraries and other open spaces. Since I started doing my GCSEs, I realised studying at home was something that wasn't going to work for me - my productivity was always lower than when I studied in a different environment (unless I … Continue reading Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London

Daily Shorts – A New Resolution

At some point in May/June of last year, my blogging frequency dropped off and I just wasn't writing as much as I'd used to. Prior to this, I would post almost every day. I realised that this blog has been a significant part of my life since I started it up in 2014 and holds … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A New Resolution

Life Blog – Seeking Stability

I haven't talked about my depression in a long time. I haven't been able to openly mention it or talk about it in a long time because the profession I'm in requires you to be 'mentally fit'. Just over a year ago, I had one of the most difficult moments in my life; I was … Continue reading Life Blog – Seeking Stability

Paris – In Snaps

I recently went on a surprise christmas trip for a couple of days, which happened to take me back to one of my favourite cities, Paris. Having been there a few times before, I have managed to see a visit a fair few landmarks and sights and been around to a number of different places. … Continue reading Paris – In Snaps

Amsterdam – In Snaps

So it has been quite a while since my last post. My new job has had me tied down, and I decided to just add to that by taking part in a lot of dancing activities as well. However, I thought I'd try and post every now and then. I recently flew to Amsterdam on … Continue reading Amsterdam – In Snaps