Daily Shorts – A New Lesson

I learnt something new the other day (although it does concern me that I didn't realise this a lot earlier in my life) - exhaustion can come in many forms. You could be eating well and healthy; 3 meals a day; balanced diet; meeting or exceeding recommended water intake; exercising regularly; etc. but still be … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A New Lesson


Daily Shorts – Falling Into Place

I recently moved into my own studio flat near my workplace and having only properly moved in a day before work resumed, I didn't get much time to put things into place. I finally got some time this weekend, and with some help, it's all starting to come together. One issue that's still outstanding is … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Falling Into Place

Daily Shorts – Massive Commitment!

Towards the end of 2017, I signed up to be a choreographer as part of a massive university of London showcase. As part of the teacher training program I am enrolled on at the moment, I am also a student at UCL. The said university host a cultural showcase every year where students showcase their abilities … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Massive Commitment!

Daily Shorts – Hic!

Hiccups are the worst. I had a bad case of hiccups last night and this was the first time I’ve had them in ages. I’ve had some near misses, such as when hurriedly swallowing food without chewing enough, but I haven’t had a full on chain attack in a while. That got me thinking; sneezes … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Hic!

Life Blog – Reflecting on 2017

Put simply, it was quite a hectic year. There was so much that happened; a crazy cocktail of good and bad, which has moulded me into the person who is writing this post. The year started off pretty rough - I feel out with someone who meant so much to me; someone who I loved … Continue reading Life Blog – Reflecting on 2017

Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London

I have always been a lover of working away from home - in cafes, libraries and other open spaces. Since I started doing my GCSEs, I realised studying at home was something that wasn't going to work for me - my productivity was always lower than when I studied in a different environment (unless I … Continue reading Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London

Daily Shorts – A New Resolution

At some point in May/June of last year, my blogging frequency dropped off and I just wasn't writing as much as I'd used to. Prior to this, I would post almost every day. I realised that this blog has been a significant part of my life since I started it up in 2014 and holds … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A New Resolution

Life Blog – Seeking Stability

I haven't talked about my depression in a long time. I haven't been able to openly mention it or talk about it in a long time because the profession I'm in requires you to be 'mentally fit'. Just over a year ago, I had one of the most difficult moments in my life; I was … Continue reading Life Blog – Seeking Stability

Paris – In Snaps

I recently went on a surprise christmas trip for a couple of days, which happened to take me back to one of my favourite cities, Paris. Having been there a few times before, I have managed to see a visit a fair few landmarks and sights and been around to a number of different places. … Continue reading Paris – In Snaps

Amsterdam – In Snaps

So it has been quite a while since my last post. My new job has had me tied down, and I decided to just add to that by taking part in a lot of dancing activities as well. However, I thought I'd try and post every now and then. I recently flew to Amsterdam on … Continue reading Amsterdam – In Snaps

Life Blog – I Made It!

As of yesterday, I am officially an Engineer with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics! My university hosted the graduation ceremony yesterday, which I attended with my parents and fellow classmates and it was definitely the best day of my life. I started studying there nearly 4 years ago now, with a different career aspiration, no … Continue reading Life Blog – I Made It!

Daily Shorts – This Never Occurred To Me

In one of today's training sessions, we covered mental health awareness and the most common forms of mental health problems seen in school students. One that was briefly covered was Separation Anxiety, which can be defined as worrying about not being with regular care-giver or separating from home or from the people one has become attached to. It is … Continue reading Daily Shorts – This Never Occurred To Me

Life Blog – Exhaustion

I can't remember the last time I felt so mentally and physically drained. For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been waking up at 6, or even 5am nearly every day of the week (even weekends as my body became conditioned into waking up at that time of day), leaving my temporary accommodation … Continue reading Life Blog – Exhaustion

Mushroom Reads… Journey To The East

There's only one word that comes to mind when I think about this book and that's 'peculiar'. The writing style feels more like a journal than a novel, taking us through the author's spiritual Journey to the East and the happenings during his travel. I've heard this is a book sought out by many who … Continue reading Mushroom Reads… Journey To The East

Greece – In Snaps

Here are some of the pictures I took during my travels in Athens and the beautiful island of Spetses, in Greece. I hope it inspires you to venture in this brilliant country, if you haven't already!  

Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

I'm back in the UK! ...and back from the sunny weather and into the rain. But with my training for my new job starting on Sunday, I don't have much time to spare. So in order to summarise my travels over the past couple of weeks, I put together a vlog during the trip. I … Continue reading Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

Daily Shorts – Unintentional Hiatus

Simply put, exams took place, I partied hard for the last two weeks (desperately trying to make the most of the time I hat left at university) and, as a result, never got around to carrying on with this blog.  Even now, as I'm typing away on my phone, I'm holidaying in the beautiful island … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Unintentional Hiatus

Daily Shorts – Time to Pick

It's Tuesday. My first exam is on Friday - 3 days away. So you would think I'm spending all day and all night revising and cramming. Instead I spent last night playing pandemic, then spontaneously deciding to go into the town centre with a couple of my dance friends and dancing until 4am before heading … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Time to Pick

Daily Shorts – The Apocalypse Approaches

It's about 4am right now, and after having spent 14 hours today doing no work whatsoever, I decided to revert to my nocturnal studying habits for my upcoming. The pair on the other side of the separator in front of my desk have been talking constantly ever since I arrived, nearly 6 hours ago. 'Revision is … Continue reading Daily Shorts – The Apocalypse Approaches

Daily Shorts – Upcoming Work

It's been a while since my last short story, or creative writing piece, but recently I've felt inspired to try writing again. My first short story was slightly romantic, my next showed more tragedy and angst - both were written based on emotions and feelings I was facing at the time, and the first was also inspired … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Upcoming Work