I’m not a bad person

Some of these words came out yesterday when I was writing my daily short - I don't know where I was going with it at the time; I just kept typing the words that came into my head that I felt I needed to say. I stopped and read over them for a minute and … Continue reading I’m not a bad person


Dear Best Friend

I cried myself to sleep last night; I wonder if you'd care; Would you hold me like you used to, Until I'd calm down and could breathe, And was on my own two feet again I nearly killed myself that other day; Would you have known I wasn't there? Would you have stopped me, Have … Continue reading Dear Best Friend

The Words Running Laps Around My Head

You just constantly keep cropping up; I wish you wouldn't. I see your name everywhere, despite having hidden if from everywhere I could. The memories keep resurfacing at random moments, making any happy feeling disappear into a pit of pain. Hearsay and secondhand gossip keeps holding me back, but a part of me wants to know; … Continue reading The Words Running Laps Around My Head

The Girl’s Soundtrack

Just a little something I came up with during a blogging session at the university library, in the midst of which I heard a girl walk past and it inspired this poem. ------ Click Clack Click Clack That's how the song goes; The sound of her heels on the cold hard tile, Echoing through the library … Continue reading The Girl’s Soundtrack

At Death’s Door

I was struggling to sleep last night and I came up with the start of this poem. Some memories and feelings have cropped up recently, which reminded me of how I felt a few months ago and how desperate I was to end my life then. Things have changed now; I don't necessarily feel the same … Continue reading At Death’s Door

Treat Her Right

Her love is as pure as if she were a child; A Princess to whom you're a knight in shining armour. She's your girlfriend, not another disposable girl in your long line of toys, so you'd better treat her right Her heart guides her eyes to only look for you, Her hands only yearn to hold yours. … Continue reading Treat Her Right

Daily Shorts – Selenophile

My gaze was drawn to the glowing orb suspended against the black canvas of the night sky, and the selenophile in me stirred. A comforting warmth conquered my body, contrary to the cold wind lashing against my bare skin

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke Me

To the friend who became a stranger, I still remember the first time I saw you, but not as just a new person; I remember the first time I saw you as more than just a 'someone'. I was overflowing with curiosity, wanting to know more about you, and, if I was given the opportunity, … Continue reading An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke Me

Our Journey’s End – A Short Story

The stranger in the mirror laughed at her cowardice and weakness as the tears fell from her face. ‘This is the end,’ she told herself. No matter how much she hoped and prayed that things would change, that she could make things change for the better, she was just another number. She was always going … Continue reading Our Journey’s End – A Short Story

The Inconceivable Martyr

She laid there, in a state of paralysis, as the warm, crimson liquid trickled down her arm. She needed a distraction - a decoy -to take her mind of the hole that has been torn into her heart. The pain was good; the pain confirmed that she was just human. She could finally focus on something other … Continue reading The Inconceivable Martyr

Saudade – A Short Story

A video I had recently watched inspired me to write this, my first short story. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed the process of translating my ideas into words. I would also like to thank my best friend for suggesting the names of the characters and enriching the essence … Continue reading Saudade – A Short Story

I miss..

I miss the laughter, I miss the fun; As I sit here crying alone; You're not around to wipe my tears. I miss running into your warm embrace, those gentle arms that make me feel so safe. But now I'm being bruised by all that's around me. All the moments and adventures, where I forget … Continue reading I miss..

Daily Shorts – Star, Part 2

I saw the star again, I watched it as I slept. I think it's slowly making its way to my heart, Without taking a step closer to the Earth. I watch it twinkle and glisten, It's trying to tell me its story. As I listen, I feel its welcoming warmth, A warmth I wish I … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Star, Part 2