Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London

I have always been a lover of working away from home - in cafes, libraries and other open spaces. Since I started doing my GCSEs, I realised studying at home was something that wasn't going to work for me - my productivity was always lower than when I studied in a different environment (unless I … Continue reading Discussion – Work Friendly Spots Around London



As part of the preparation for the Teach First Leadership Development Programme's Summer Institute (5 weeks of intensive training to prepare for the start of the LDP), I attended a pre-summer institute event in London which involved a range of sessions to introduce us to the programme and different aspects of it. One of the … Continue reading Leadership

Daily Shorts – Helpfulpeeps

Yesterday, I wrote about having come to terms with the positive progress my mental health has made. It is honestly a great feeling and I hope I can continue fighting through. Another thing I have realised is that I have genuinely just been radiating happiness every minute of every day. I can't stop smiling - … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Helpfulpeeps

Daily Shorts – Numbers

I was brought up in a culture where numerology plays a significant role in people's lives and decision-making process. Although my family don't follow it as religiously, I have seen the influence it has on others. I have had friends whose names have been changed as the numerology wasn't good; marriages being postponed due to … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Numbers

Don’t Lose Hope

The inaugural ceremony for the 45th POTUS took place today - millions tuned in across the world to watch (most probably in denial or hoping that it was all just a big practical joke), thousands took to the streets in protest and countless others just did not bother with the occasion at all: the 'what's … Continue reading Don’t Lose Hope

Daily Shorts – A Legend Of Deduction

Last night, the finale of Season 4 of the TV series, Sherlock, aired in the UK, and what a finale it was. I was first introduced to the series back in high school, during the hiatus between seasons 2 and 3, and I remember being hooked from the very first episode. I had never considered watching … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A Legend Of Deduction

The Unity of Mathematics, Philosophy, Art, Science & Religion

Mathematics has always been something I've found fascinating. Even more so when I think about all the theories and ideas that were formulated centuries ago, and how most can be applied to any matter in our observable universe. I wanted to talk about one of those in this blog post. The Vitruvian Man Before I started this … Continue reading The Unity of Mathematics, Philosophy, Art, Science & Religion

A Mushroom’s Guide To Revision

This is obviously a topic that is very subjective, and different methods work for different people. But as exam season is just around the corner for university studies (and maybe high school students around the world, but not in UK anymore), I thought I'd share some of my go-to tips for revising (and do the … Continue reading A Mushroom’s Guide To Revision

This Is What Your Friends With Depression Actually Need You To Understand — Thought Catalog

freestocks.orgIn a world where we glorify sarcasm and bash on sensitivity, it is getting harder and harder to cope with depression. People often belittle depression. They seem to associate it with random mood swings. You share just a little piece of how you truly feel and then you get judged, mocked, and made fun of.… via … Continue reading This Is What Your Friends With Depression Actually Need You To Understand — Thought Catalog

SA and Social Anxiety Disorder

I don't know if this is something that has been looked into, but being someone who suffers from anxiety, I really wanted to explore it further. We all know anxiety disorders can, and I say this with caution, limit certain activities. Of course, over time and with practice, these hurdles can be overcome and the … Continue reading SA and Social Anxiety Disorder

Daily Shorts – Counterintuitive

I'm sure most of us have heard the saying 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'. I do understand why this is - you're more able to protect yourself from any nasty surprises if you keep them close enough to know what they're up to. But - and forgive me if I'm wrong - … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Counterintuitive

26 Completely Ridiculous Things You Stress About When You Suffer From Anxiety — Thought Catalog

Didn't realise this post would be as relatable as it is. Being too quiet during a group conversation. You don’t want everyone to think you’re a snob, but you just can’t think of anything to say. via 26 Completely Ridiculous Things You Stress About When You Suffer From Anxiety — Thought Catalog

Daily Shorts – Twilight Thoughts [Part 2]

So if the composition of our atmosphere means that all wavelengths of light are absorbed aside for blue, and hence we get a blue sky, does that mean the sky is a different colour in all the other planets which we know have different atmospheric compositions ??

Life Blog – 10 Things About Being A Petite Girl

I have always been short. I stopped growing at around the age of 13, and have been about 4'11" since. I, honestly, didn't realise how short I was until other people started pointing it out; I thought my height and point of view was normal until then. It's not my favourite trait, for a number … Continue reading Life Blog – 10 Things About Being A Petite Girl

Life Blog – Innocence

The innocence of young children is something I find truly admirable. I wish it was a trait that didn't deteriorate with age, but unfortunately, the more we experience, the more our innocence disappears. Young children's innocence fuels their imagination to a level which we tend to fail to understand as adults. I've recently been re-watching an old … Continue reading Life Blog – Innocence

Life Blog – People

Have you ever questioned someone? Be it their loyalty, personality, their morals? I guess that is a bit of a stupid question because I'm sure we all have, at some point in our lives. Just like any creature on this planet, we place our faith and trust in others. Just like how otters trust one … Continue reading Life Blog – People

Life Blog – The Alchemist

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” I have always been a massive bookworm. I would drive my mother mad every time we went shopping by always running into the nearest WHSmith or Waterstones, and picking out a pile of books I wanted to read. It … Continue reading Life Blog – The Alchemist

Life Blog – My Teach First Experience

Recently, I had been lucky enough to have been selected to take part in Teach First's Insight Program. This program is aimed at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) background university students, in order to provide an insight into leadership based teaching. The program spanned over two weeks. The first week was a training week held in … Continue reading Life Blog – My Teach First Experience

15 things about living with a male best friend

I’ve seen so many posts that talk about what it’s like being a girl with male friends or having a male best friend. There are so many similarities in these posts, such people always thinking you’re a couple or he’s your wingman and vice versa, or even your bodyguard. It led me to write my … Continue reading 15 things about living with a male best friend

A brilliant novel

Today didn't consist of me getting much done. However, I did manage to get two of my friends to start watching the BBC series Sherlock (which I recommend to anyone else who hasn't seen it)Needless to say, they loved the first series and, of course, I sat down and watched it with them. Which got me … Continue reading A brilliant novel