Greece – In Snaps

Here are some of the pictures I took during my travels in Athens and the beautiful island of Spetses, in Greece. I hope it inspires you to venture in this brilliant country, if you haven't already!  


Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

I'm back in the UK! ...and back from the sunny weather and into the rain. But with my training for my new job starting on Sunday, I don't have much time to spare. So in order to summarise my travels over the past couple of weeks, I put together a vlog during the trip. I … Continue reading Daily Shorts – My First Travel Vlog!

A Day At Marwell Zoo

After living in Hampshire for nearly 3 and a half years for university, my friends and I finally took a trip to Marwell Zoo. The spontaneity was triggered by the lovely weather today, and resulted in a fun trip, plenty of interesting animals and some yummy ice cream.  

Photo Challenge – Solitude

I think I am one of those people who at times find solitude lonely and a tad fearful, but other times comforting and calming. It comes down to the context. For example, when I am having problems with friends or family, I find solitude to be a contributing factor to my sorrow and negative mood. However, … Continue reading Photo Challenge – Solitude

Ambience – Photo Challenge

For me, the ambience of a museum is unlike other places and something I crave every time I head into a large city. It's peaceful, yet bustling; old against new; relaxes the mind by challenging it with new information. -- Natural History Museum, London via Photo Challenge: Ambience

Daily Shorts – Lucerne After Dark

I was able to pay a short visit to Lucerne a couple of days ago, and was able to take just a few pictures of the Christmas lights in the city. I'm no photographer, so my photos don't do the lights justice. However, I hope you get an idea of how beautiful it looked.

Daily Shorts – Frohe Weihnachten!

I know I haven't been posting regularly, but I am currently in Zurich with my family for the Christmas period, and finding time to write has been difficult. However, I just wanted to wish everyone who follows this blog, and everyone on wordpress, a very Merry Christmas! I hope your hearts are filled with warmth … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Frohe Weihnachten!

Wandering In A Fiery Heaven

Autumn has always been my favourite season as I just love anticipating the moment when the trees start to change from their bright and vivid summer greens, and waiting for the first leaf or conker to fall from the branches. Although the season also brings in the cold winter wind, the fiery landscapes provide a … Continue reading Wandering In A Fiery Heaven

Daily Shorts – Realisation

For the first time in a long while, I had the chance to walk around London, in particular the Southbank area. Starting the day off in a bad mood, I realised how much I really needed that walk today. I realised why I love this city and why it holds a special place in my … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Realisation

Daily Shorts – Natural History Museum

Have you ever stepped in to a building and felt like you have been transported to another world? That's what it feels like to me, when I walk in through the doors of the Natural History Museum in London. The Hintze Hall, shown above, is the first space you see upon entering the museum, and … Continue reading Daily Shorts – Natural History Museum

Daily Shorts – A different kind of beauty

I just really wanted to share the photo I have used as the featured image in this blog post. I took it a few days ago when I was out in London with my family, doing a bit of sightseeing. I have spent most of my life in London - 16 and a half years … Continue reading Daily Shorts – A different kind of beauty

Life Blog – A Little Celebration

My best friend is graduating from university in exactly 2 weeks. Why does it feel daunting to me, even though I'm not the one graduating? Regardless, after all the hard work and struggles, but also the achievements and good memories over the past few years, he has finally finished! I knew that I wanted to … Continue reading Life Blog – A Little Celebration

Life Blog – My Teach First Experience

Recently, I had been lucky enough to have been selected to take part in Teach First's Insight Program. This program is aimed at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) background university students, in order to provide an insight into leadership based teaching. The program spanned over two weeks. The first week was a training week held in … Continue reading Life Blog – My Teach First Experience

Life Blog – Results of exploring

I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks! Sorry about the mini hiatus. A nail tutorial will be up maybe next week, after I'm done with settling in in the new house, and robot work will resume soon as well. So I felt it best to separate out my personal blogs to my robotics posts. These … Continue reading Life Blog – Results of exploring

Bucket List #5

I know this post VERY late, and I can't apologize enough for this. I hadn't intended on it being posted so late, however, I got caught up with a major project at uni, and a cultural show, which have both been taken over my life recently. I will post more about that another time, seeing … Continue reading Bucket List #5

Bucket List #4

Here is my 4th installment in my Bucket List posts, with the next 20 items from my list. With only one more post left before I write up my new bucket list, I'm feeling excited to be coming to end of this old bucket list and can't wait to share the last items with you … Continue reading Bucket List #4

Bucket List #3

Due to exams, and being swamped with revision, I wasn't able to post this on Monday. I know it is a few days late, but here is my 3 bucket list post. I shall be sure to post the 4th on Monday like usual. I hope you enjoy this. ✓ Take up photography  - As some of … Continue reading Bucket List #3

Bucket List #1

On February 3rd 2013, I made my first ever Bucket List. I wasn't entirely sure what to put down, but, nevertheless, I managed to come up with 100 items; 100 things I wanted to do. Looking back on it now, I can definitely say that some of them are a bit strange, but I've managed … Continue reading Bucket List #1


I was born in Chennai, India and lived there until I was 4 years old before moving over to London in December 1999. I don't really remember much about growing up in India and so, most of my childhood memories are of London. And boy am I glad I moved here. London is one of … Continue reading Feels